Terrorism in India
Terrorism is a global phenomenon. Man being a social animal, lives in harmony as well fights with fellow- being. History has its own narrations, society its own references and science its own repercussions of positivity and negativity. Man has been trying to fight all odds to make this globe a more preferred place of peace. Ideological differences are the extreme cause of terrorism.
On the world platform terrorism may be called Nazism or Stalinism, in India it may be labeled as Maoism or Naxalism, the ultimatum is disturbance of life of common man. The intention of some groups may be to bring social equality, some may target the establishment of their religion all over the world, but the means to any such end sought has become an armed fight.
 The pungent effects of using the most advanced weapons like grenades or bombs have proved the misuse of science. The wrong use of science to disturb an otherwise calm world has created a polluted environment.
 The Indian historical references are made to the freedom struggle, where the extremist activities, of what we label it as today, was in a way terrorism, fight against the rule. Though the intent was to serve the people and save the nation, it had taken violent actions in expressing it.
Furtherance of this, post-independence, when we consider the North-eastern states of  Nagaland, Mizoram or Tripura, the failure of political machinery to bring the tribes of these regions to main stream has rather caused a discontentment among them and they have taken up to terrorism. Jammu and Kashmir is fighting a tougher war of economic and social constraint, with the neighbouring nation pressurizing more. Punjab had also seen a worse situation soon after the Indian independence.
Of late, the attacks of 1980s, of 1990s and the latest one of Star hotels being targeted in the city of Mumbai has jolted the nation in totality. The Mumbai attack has proved to be the worst of all nightmares as the financial capital of the nation has been shaken.
The reasons for terrorism are many. It may be categorized under communalism, regionalism or socialism, the intent in their view-point is a much unclaimed right, but to the innocent world on the other side, is the wrong way of fighting against. Women and children are also not spared in this heinous crime. Target may be to draw the attention of the Government, but the killing of innocent public is unpardonable.
The most scary aspect of the day is that, terrorism has started diffusing among the common house-holds. Poverty has been a major cause of this. Terrorists luring the common-man with money has taken the individuals under the belt of the most sacred and primary institution of Indian society, marriage! Girls in their teens who are facing poverty on one hand and the nature's law of getting attracted to the other gender are forced to marry the one who satisfies them of every necessity. Rural areas are targeted to hunt such mass as the education level or monetary level is at a low ebb. Literacy spreading is only sought, but the openness to the world of educating has as usual taken a backseat.  Mesmerized of getting modernized by inter-religious marriage and amassing a huge lot of money has paved the way for easy diffusion of such deeds.
A very strong opposition on the international arena, not only by UN, but by every nation individually and collectively is an urgent need. In India it is the strongest political will which is the need of the hour in combatting or wiping out terrorism.




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